Kara Jorvig, Allegro Group CEO, and Joni Wheeler, CoreLink CEO, discuss their shared passion for leadership, developing others and empowering women to be bold. Join Kara and Joni as they throw axes, show off their mom dances and share a lot of smiles! Here are some of our favorite parts:

0:58 – The CoreLink story
2:37 – Joni’s passion for culture and leadership
4:14 – Let’s go throw some axes!
4:56 – Axe throwing is harder than it looks
5:30 – What advice do you have for women in leadership?
6:15 – Joni inspires Kara to hit a bullseye
6:50 – Mom dance – say no more!
7:12 – Kara’s turn for a challenge (it tastes like grass)
7:45 – As a leader, who has had the most impact on your life?
9:00 – The “epidemic”
10:00 – Investing to the very last person
11:51 – The Queen of “axe-cellence”

Kara Jorvig is driven to help businesses and leaders unlock their full potential. As the founder and CEO of Allegro Group, she is always excited to talk to fellow leaders and entrepreneurs about what started their dreams and keeps them going. Join her as she chats with big names in business and gives you a look at different sides of their personalities.