Allegro Group CEO Kara Jorvig and United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota, Chris Myers, have “iced” coffee and show you the lighter side of the top federal prosecutor in the region. Join Kara and Chris as they have fun on the Scheels Arena ice discussing his high-profile job, important leadership strategies and Kara’s Zamboni driving skills! Here are some of our favorite parts:

3:25 – Intense, intimidating or just a regular guy?
4:45 – “On the ice”
5:55 – Think Fast!  (round 1)
7:21 – Hard lessons learned at the top
8:06 – Likability vs. leadership
9:53 – Think Fast! (round 2)
11:15 – What is healthy leadership?
12:45 – Think Fast! (final round)
13:48 – Lots of issues!
14:12 – “Having it in you” vs. learning to be the best
15:15 – Don’t try to do everything on your own.
16:33 – Kara drives a Zamboni!

Kara Jorvig is driven to help businesses and leaders unlock their full potential. As the founder and CEO of Allegro Group, she is always excited to talk to fellow leaders and entrepreneurs about what started their dreams and keeps them going. Join her as she chats with big names in business and gives you a look at different sides of their personalities.