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There are 3 keys to successful professional and executive search projects: an effective hiring process, a partner you can trust and access to talent. Allegro Group has developed a unique approach to finding the best mid- to senior-level talent for our clients. We step outside the comfort zone of job boards and advertisements to dig deep and find top performers through referrals and targeted search strategies.

Effective Hiring Process

Trusted Partner

Access to Talent

Allegro Group specializes in growing our clients’ businesses through the leaders we place in the following areas.

  • Executive Leadership
    President | CEO | COO | VP | Director | Chief of Staff
  • Accounting / Finance
    CFO | Controller | Senior Accountant | CPA
  • Management
    Director of Operations | Plant Manager | Project Manager
  • Human Resources
    CHRO | Director of HR | Talent Acquisition Manager | HR Manager | Learning & Development Manager
  • IT
    CIO | Director of IT | IT Security | IT Manager | System Architect
  • Technical
    Systems Engineer | Software Engineer | Full-stack, Web, Application or Mobile Developer
  • Engineering
    Civil | Mechanical | Industrial | Manufacturing | Construction

Retained Search Projects

  • Fully customized search strategy and timeline (talent acquisition projects are typically completed within 90 days)

  • Industry, location and position-specific market analysis

  • Targeted research and networking to uncover leaders who are open to advancement but not actively applying for roles

  • Access to Allegro Group’s network of top industry professionals who rely on us for confidentiality

  • Candidate engagement and deep evaluation that results in a true 360-degree view of candidates before you choose to interview them

  • Compensation analysis, offer development and presentation, negotiation and acceptance

I’m hiring and need your help

Allegro Group uses a professional, trustworthy and strategic approach to build relationships with sought-after professionals.  Our outreach is focused on being extremely well connected to our clients’ industries and results in talent that is hard at work, excelling with high performance. These professionals have genuine motivation for career advancement, but they are not posting their resumes to job boards.

Our clients get a 360° view of every professional we represent to ensure that their experience, career goals and personality match the client’s culture and needs. In fact, the average Allegro Group client only needs to interview three or fewer candidates before their search is complete.

Confidentiality is a top priority of Allegro Group. Every year, Allegro Group facilitates the relocation of numerous high-level professionals and their families from across the United States to locations in which we have established relationships, and we have an established track record of maintaining the highly-confidential nature of the searches we oversee. Our experienced consultants have decades of combined real-world, industry experience, and our proven techniques are guaranteed to generate results you simply won’t get elsewhere.

Allegro Group also assists clients who have already engaged candidates through their own recruiting efforts. In the case of mission-critical leadership roles and overall talent strategy, Allegro Group’s human capital experts step in to evaluate candidates further and provide outside perspective regarding candidate compatibility with growth goals, potential conflicts, compensation/offer design, transition/integration guidance and overall market analysis.

Advisory Services

  • Provide expertise and feedback regarding talent acquisition projects not managed by Allegro Group, succession planning, organization design and overall talent acquisition strategy

  • Review, interview and evaluate candidates

  • Narrow candidates in contention to create a shortlist

  • Provide market analysis regarding roles, industries and locations

  • Navigate compensation conversations, offers and the negotiation process

  • Develop internal integration and communication strategies around the onboarding of new leaders

  • Subject to availability

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Our Proven Talent Acquisition Process

Step 1

Search Intake
Our intake is essential to the success of every search and allows us to go deep and gather information far beyond job descriptions and salary requirements. We spend time with all of the hiring decision makers (senior leadership, boards of directors and hiring managers) to understand the scope of the position and organizational goals. Armed with that information, we confidently represent our clients’ employment brands with passion and integrity.

During a search intake, we’ll discuss the following and more:

  • Market position and message development
  • Organization structure
  • Corporate culture
  • Value propositions
  • Competitors

Step 2

Establish a highly-targeted recruiting strategy
Our recruiting team is briefed on the specifics of the search and we use the information gathered during the search intake to develop a strategy that is unique to your needs and ensures we’ll target candidates who are top-tier professionals and have the best technical and leadership skills for the role.

Identify and target potential candidates
Allegro Group initially identifies professionals based on peer reviews and our own targeted research. We then engage these individuals directly and begin a conversation. Our approach ensures that we build relationships with professionals that are open to advancement and change before we discuss specific opportunities.

Interview and qualify candidates
Our job is to find in-demand professionals you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. We initially spend 2-4 hours evaluating candidates’ hard and soft skills and getting to know them through phone calls, meetings and a formal interview process. After the initial period, we continue to communicate and work hard to build a strong relationship by understanding the progression of their career, scope of current and past roles and criteria for an advancement opportunity. We continually evaluate industry/technical skills, leadership ability, business acumen, character, personality and values.

Step 3

Present finalists to client
Allegro Group will narrow the list of professionals we have interviewed and qualified based on the search criteria, feedback from your team and our recommendations. We will continue to communicate with and evaluate the top candidates as we showcase their engagement, experience, hard and soft skills, personal goals and more.

Manage the client/candidate interview process
Allegro Group coordinates all aspects of the interview process. We prep both parties to eliminate surprises, drive productive conversations and maximize the process. Following interviews, we also do thorough debriefings with the client and candidate.

Step 4

Present and close offer to top candidate
We partner with clients to ensure offers are competitive and will meet the expectations of the client and candidate, which minimizes negotiation. Allegro Group presents all components of an offer including title, salary, bonus, relocation assistance, benefits and timelines. We work directly with the client to get a signed offer acceptance and create a smooth transition. We also assist candidates with their resignations by coaching them on how to give notice and avoid counteroffers.

Step 5

Post-hire follow up
Just because an offer has been accepted doesn’t mean our job is done. We stay connected to the candidate and employer throughout the transition and also follow up after the new employee is on board.

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