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Kara Jorvig Phoenix AZ

“You will only attract who you are and you will only lead where you have gone yourself.”

Allegro Group retreats are personally led by Kara Jorvig for ambitious, growth-minded leaders and teams committed to healthy leadership and long-term business success. These immersion experiences are designed for individuals who understand the intersection between personal growth and professional development.

Who should attend?

Leaders of self, teams and organizations who are driven to achieve next-level leadership goals. Attendees should prepare to be introspective, ready to push themselves outside their comfort zones and want to put their minds and bodies into action while immersing themselves in Kara’s energy and passion.

Why should you attend?

For nearly twenty years, Kara Jorvig has partnered with hundreds of businesses and thousands of leaders. She continues to study and work with high-performance and high-profile leaders to bring value in the areas of advancement, development, healthy leadership and human-centric business culture. As a corporate executive, business partner and successful entrepreneur, Kara has worked in a wide variety of industries with companies that vary in size, scale and stages of development.

Kara will use her guiding A-Framework of Awareness, Alignment, Action, Achievement and Accountability to share the tools and strategies she uses to build awareness, gain clarity, align with goals and activate plans while taking on subjects including interference, executive fatigue, goal design and strategy. These retreats focus on Kara’s passion for developing high-performance leaders and teams and are designed to help you achieve the next level of growth and leadership.

What is “the experience”?

Allegro Group retreats are meant to take you or your team out of the traditional office environment so you can re-connect, re-boot, re-engage and re-fuel with other goal-minded leaders. You will be immersed in Kara’s goaldesign framework for one to three days of high-performance and healthy leadership training. You will leave with new perspectivetools and motivation to take yourself, team and business to the next level. We admire and want to work with leaders who understand the value of investing in themselves.

Growth and change are personal, and many professionals are very private about it. We want you to know we appreciate your trust and deeply respect confidentiality.

Why did Kara create this experience?

One of the most valuable lessons Kara has learned is the importance of creating time and space to work “on” her business and development; not just “in” it. Clarity (or lack thereof) is a barrier we all face as we advance our growth goals, leadership competencies and businesses. Kara values and recognizes the support leaders need to stay in balance and be aware of deficiencies and interference that keeps us from reaching our full potential.

As a business owner who works to remain grounded with strong core values, including being a present mom to two young girls, Kara is committed to helping others by sharing her own leadership and growth journey.

Yes! I’m ready to learn more!

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About Kara Jorvig

Adviser to CEOs, boards of directors and high-performance leaders

Kara Jorvig is the founder and CEO of Allegro Group, a premier consulting, organizational strategy and talent acquisition firm. For nearly 20 years, she has partnered with CEOs and executive leadership teams to develop growing organizations through leadership and strategy. Kara is passionate about “healthy” leadership; a journey of self-awareness and alignment of passions, values and intrinsic gifts that allows leaders and their teams to reach and exceed their professional and personal goals.