Mitch McWilliams

Areas of Specialization

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • IT

(701) 353-5858 ext. 104

Mitch McWilliams

Mitch McWilliams offers a diverse technology and manufacturing background in his role as an Associate at Allegro Group. He is driven to uncover key technical leaders that develop and support key infrastructure needs of organizations and he excels at locating and recruiting hard-to-find technical professionals. In addition to his career experience, Mitch also understands the dynamics of career/family relocation and passion for careers as he relocated to Fargo from Kansas City, MO to join Allegro Group.

  • Mitch has worked across various segments of highly-technical manufacturing and operations roles throughout his career. He has extensive technical and industry experience, ranging from startup to Fortune 500, in the following capacities:
    • Project & program management (software implementation – SAP, training program development, paint shop design and production layout)
    • Production management (scheduling, KPI’s, CI, standard work)
    • Quality (internal partners & suppliers/vendors)
    • Compliance (ISO 9000, TÜV SÜD, export/customs)
    • Raw and finished material supplier/vendor selection
    • Engineering support (robotics programming, cell layout and fixture design)
  • Prior to Allegro Group, Mitch specialized in recruiting master’s- to PhD-level professionals within the unmanned aircraft and autonomous vehicle industries. In addition to recruiting, Mitch served in operational and leadership roles at Harley Davidson, where he focused on team leader training, lean methodologies, inventory management, compliance, vendor management, conflict resolution and team communication.
  • Mitch is a natural communicator with critical thinking skills that allow him to understand highly-technical roles and the professionals who fill them.

Outside of work, Mitch loves motorsports (especially drag racing) and enjoys fishing, traveling to aerospace museums and playing softball as often as he can. Mitch’s wife, Misty, serves in the United States Army and they are proud parents. Their son Brent also serves in the United States Army and their son Blake is a black belt in Taekwondo and has fun with Mitch helping coach his little league baseball team.