Allegro Group works with businesses and individuals to unlock the full potential of key talent. Whether someone is taking on more responsibility, transitioning to a new role within their existing company or positioning themselves to advance their career, our team will help these professionals think strategically about their career and leadership development.

Leaders often reach an apex or transition point and it can be difficult to identify their next steps. Allegro Group helps professionals identify where they are today and where they want to be, and then we help them stay proactive by developing intentional action plans, creating benchmarks and providing market perspective.

What can I expect from the Allegro Group leadership strategy process?

Our team will challenge the status quo, provide feedback and ask tough questions so leaders and high-potential individuals gain self-awareness and ultimately achieve their goals.

Access to opportunities and like-minded people
Allegro Group has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals over the past 15 years. We have the experience and resources to make relevant connections that help professionals gain a clear understanding of their situations and prepare them to develop action plans, drive successful conversations with current or prospective employers and position themselves effectively.

We prefer face-to-face coaching sessions and typically facilitate them at the Allegro Group office. If schedules or distance limit the ability to meet in person, we also utilize phone and video conferencing.

Conversations between individuals and Allegro Group are highly confidential and we treat every discussion as such.

Leaders who are intentional about their careers can gain market and leadership perspective, so they understand where they fit within the market, can visualize what their potential looks like and have the ability to be intentional with their actions. This leads to growth, advancement, successful careers and much higher job satisfaction.

Who should hire a leadership coach?

Allegro Group coaching clients are typically positioning themselves for advancement, facing challenges, being groomed for larger roles or preparing for another professional transition. The most common scenarios are the following:

  • Companies investing in top executives and high potential employees
  • Individuals positioning themselves to advance their career
  • Companies assisting their top talent during layoffs and downsizing
  • Individuals looking to gain confidence as a leader
  • Leaders with a desire to lean into opportunities and be more intentional about their career path