The #1 factor negatively affecting businesses is attracting and recruiting qualified employees.

Allegro Group is committed to working with clients who are progressive and want to reach their full potential. We partner with clients to understand their organizational vision and initiatives and to develop talent strategies. Our clients recognize that the labor market and hiring practices are evolving and traditional job postings and methods are not as effective as they used to be. Allegro Group clients are focused on being best-in-class industry leaders and they know the way to achieve success is through their people and culture.

Allegro Group provides decades of combined experience working with companies ranging from startups to large, international corporations. We are well-versed in businesses with large footprints and multiple locations, companies experiencing significant transitions, ESOP’s, private-equity-owned firms and closely-held or family-owned companies. Our strategic relationships, exposure to numerous talent strategies and access to top-tier professionals results in initiatives that help businesses succeed. Allegro Group is committed to providing a unique experience and being the most reputable, honest and relationship-driven search and consulting firm in the nation.

Allegro Group works with businesses throughout the United States and has connections with top talent from across the country. We have a pulse on local markets, in addition to national trends, and we use our relationships to recruit top industry professionals, develop proactive talent strategies and partner with our client companies to reach their full potential.

There are many reasons companies turn to us, but some of the core traits shared by Allegro Group clients are as follows:

  • Working toward company growth and expansion 

  • Focused on succession planning

  • Preparing for leadership transitions

  • Leadership or technical needs have evolved beyond the skills and experience of current team members

  • Viewed as progressive and innovative in their field  

  • Focused on attracting top talent

  • Embrace relationships that provide value and contribute to the bottom line 

  • Committed to professionalism, honesty and integrity 

  • Willing to bring Allegro Group to the table as an experienced and trusted business adviser; we will work to earn your trust.

Allegro Group clients are extremely selective about how they build and develop their teams, so they partner with us on the following:

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