When your leadership team sits down to focus on strategy, financials, processes, systems and technology, do people and team development make the list of strategic priorities? Allegro Group clients are focused on being best-in-class industry leaders and they know the way to achieve success is through their people and culture.  We believe that businesses are only as strong as their people and that organization growth and development is dependent on teams reaching their full potential.

Our experience working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of professionals gives us unique perspective. We learn from every client interaction and in turn, we use that knowledge to help your organization become smarter and more efficient by leveraging talent strategies that increase profits. And once those strategies have been implemented, we make sure your existing team has the tools to manage them internally or we will help you identify when it is time to hire more horsepower.

Allegro Group partners with business owners and senior leadership in the following areas:

Talent Strategy, Culture and Organization Development

What are you doing to attract, develop and retain talent? Many companies do not have the people or resources to identify areas of opportunity and develop sophisticated plans that turn talent, culture and organizational weaknesses into strengths. Even the most financially secure and technologically advanced companies can struggle without the right talent strategies and people, which is why an outside adviser can be so valuable.

Allegro Group partners with business owners and senior leadership on the “people” portion of their business and we use our experience and connections to help our clients hire, develop and retain the best talent. People are a product of their environment, so we partner with our clients to break the cycle of knee-jerk reactions and allow them to be proactive and create highly-efficient teams.

Allegro Group identifies the strengths and weaknesses of current talent strategies and corporate culture by understanding a company’s vision, mission and values, reviewing existing talent, benchmarking top performers and digging deep to understand unique complexities. We then optimize group dynamics and leadership structures, create organizational charts and structure that designate responsibility to the best people and partner with our clients to develop the organization, create a great corporate culture and build an employment brand that is conducive to sustained growth and productive employees.

Succession Planning

When a senior leader departs, or is planning to depart, sustaining and growing organizational performance is never more important. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to plan for succession and if they do, it’s often far too late.

Allegro Group partners with companies to successfully navigate leadership transitions through strategic planning, assessment of internal talent, benchmarking of external talent, targeted recruiting and coordinated communications. We work with owners, boards of directors and senior leadership to develop and implement succession planning initiatives that ensure continuity and position businesses for future growth.

Our Process

Where are you today?

Allegro Group will identify and assess the company’s current team structure, state of the business and culture. This will be accomplished by conducting organizational assessments, establishing a baseline to build upon and identifying the most critical needs.

Where do you want to be?

We will identify gaps in your existing organization and help you define a broad vision for the future and overall organization goals. These goals and objectives will then be prioritized and applied to specific functions of the business. Throughout the process we will be working toward defining what leaders and structure will make you successful.

How will we get there?

Once Allegro Group has established where you are and where you want to be, we will partner with you to create and implement a formal strategic growth plan that categorizes specific initiatives and assigns responsibilities for each. We will also establish specific goals, timelines and measurements of success. Throughout the process we will refine and re-prioritize objectives while maintaining the accountability of your team.